Women are slowly but surely blazing a trail as highly competent shots. Marksman’s Nest Firearm Training Centre & Shooting Range offers programmes designed specifically for women wanting to learn gun ownership fundamentals in a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental environment.

Said chief range officer Geoffrey Coetzee, “Women are every bit as capable of being safe and effective shooters as men, but often might feel intimidated by fellow male trainees. That’s why we offer classes for women-only groups, or one-on-one training. First up we explain the layout of the range and then suggest what training to offer. Above all, we want ladies to feel comfortable.”

Classes are essential
The choice of classes comprises beginners’ classes on gun safety and handling, close-quarter self-defence programmes on handling a firearm and advanced classes.

As more and more women become gun owners, they’re doing the responsible thing by seeking out firearm training. Geoffrey continued, “It’s important that a woman’s first experience with guns is a positive one, and a major part of ensuring that happens is that their instructors should understand what they’re going through.”

A great aspect of training at Marksman’s Nest is that you needn’t bring your own equipment to the classes. We provide firearms, ammunition, eye and ear protection. That means you needn’t make a financial investment before you’ve had your first experience shooting a gun. You’ll be able to try out a variety of firearms at the range so you can experience what shooting is like. Also you can determine whether you have a preference for a particular style or model of gun. If you do have a firearm you’d like to bring, you’re welcome to do so of course.

More women joining shooting ranges
According to reports, more women are participating in shooting sports than ever before and often they’re outperforming the guys. A case in point is Nicky Whitehead (pictured), who’s an inspiration for women wishing to take up firearm training. After finishing basic training at Marksman’s Nest, she’s now moved on to advanced firearm training with the intention of becoming a firearm instructor.

The new demographic of female shots is excelling in everything from marksmanship to clay pigeon shooting and many more who are choosing concealed carry pistols for self-defence.

Geoffrey said, “The only way to get better at shooting is to practice as much as possible. When you join a gun range, you have unlimited access, and this will help to cut down on expenses while you master a new skill.

“Learning to shoot is a fun and rewarding experience. Once you’ve mastered all the necessary safety precautions, hit the range to practise. You’ll definitely become more confident over time. Nobody was born an expert shot, but if you take the time to improve your skills and confidence, you’ll fall in love with this exciting sport.”

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