A background in self-defence and situational awareness is very important these days – both personally and in business. There are many situations currently in which you need to keep yourself and your family safe. Think carjacking, armed robbery, heists, home invasions.

Self-defence training is the first line of defence and for this you need to sign up at Marksman’s Nest for either one or a few sessions.

The stark reality is that self-defence is necessary to save your life. If struggling against your attacker will only help you lose it, don’t even make an attempt at struggling.

Don’t try to be a hero if someone wants your purse or wallet. Those are things that can be replaced. Your life can’t.

Just to give you a heads up on self-defence:
• Look both strong and confident.
• Stay calm and don’t give in to fear. When afraid, you’ll either be slow or unable to act at all.
• When trying to defend yourself, keep close to your attacker. Thus it’ll be difficult for him to hit you. Better yet, cling tightly to him if possible.
• Should the situation warrant it, try to hit first, because this can destabilise your attacker. And do try to hit where it hurts: the groin, the throat and the thigh. Act fast and you might be able to escape.
• Always protect your weak areas with your hands to block any possible punches.

Finally, don’t ever try to win or show the awesome self-defence skills you learnt at Marksman’s Nest. You’re not in a movie and there’s no prize for the winner. Put up just enough fight to help you escape from the attack and leave the scene once you have the chance.

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