Sure, learning to shoot is simple. But hang on: it’s definitely not as easy as pie. There’s a lot to learn, which is why signing up for private firearm shooting lessons at Marksman’s Nest Firearm Training Centre & Shooting Range is your very best bet.

Working with your firearms instructor in a private training lesson is essential to achieving your shooting goals, whether they be self-defence based, sports-driven or for fun recreational time at the range.

The benefits that you’re likely to achieve are numerous.

You’ll know where to start
It can be quite intimidating walking onto Marksman’s Nest shooting range for the first time. Apart from the rules and etiquette, you’ll want to know how to choose a gun and how to pair it with the correct ammunition. Your firearm instructor will help make you feel at ease, help you choose the correct gun and ammo, plus provide you with the basics of marksmanship.

Your private firearm shooting lesson will start with a DOs and DONTs session covering the rules of gun safety, additional rules and range etiquette, as well as an overview of the firearm, its parts, functions, and fit.

Meeting your needs professionally
Should you have a certain condition, emotional fear or an old injury, play open cards with your Marksman’s Nest instructor. He/she will be able to make things work for you. Be prepared to answer questions so they can better understand what adjustments need to be made to make you feel comfortable.

Getting the results you need
Maybe a friend or family member has taught you to shoot way back when. You might have acquired bad habits or you might feel you’re not seeing results. A tune-up at Marksman’s Nest is then just what the doctor ordered. This private firearm shooting session will definitely get you back on track.

In addition, your instructor will work with you based on the goals you’ve set for yourself. Not only will your proficiency improve, but you’ll learn how to choose the best gun and ammo for your needs. He/she will also develop a personal training plan for you, making your range time more effective.

Use a shooting journal to track your progress and schedule an alternate monthly refresher session with your instructor.

Make the most of your lesson
Give yourself plenty of time before and after your lesson at Marksman’s Nest. Focus only on the lesson and avoid negative self-talk. Don’t worry about the inevitable mistakes you’ll make. Remember, it’s a process!

Be open-minded about learning some things differently. If it doesn’t work for you after a while, talk to your instructor about possible modifications to the course.

Finally, communication is key to ensure that you get what you need from the lesson. Always engage with your instructor! Remember, it’s a two-way street.

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