Having to use a firearm for self-defence at night is an entirely different kettle of fish. To learn to shoot in self-defence at night safely, effectively and tactically, you’ll need a self-defence training course at Marksman’s Nest. In this course we teach you how to spend time protecting and preparing your eyesight.

The problem about defending yourself at night, is that within seconds, you may have to adjust your eyes from various light sources (street or porch lights, your flashlight, or even the intruder’s flashlight) into partial or complete darkness and then back again. How well you do this is paramount in engaging safely with the intruder and avoid him hurting you or your family.

Remember, it works both ways. The intruder will be as handicapped at night as you’ll be. However, darkness can be our friend: using it to hide, cover movements, and so forth.

Useful tips

Of course, should you have illuminated reticles for your handgun, this would be extremely helpful when you learn to shoot in self-defence at night. Illuminated red dots are tops when it comes to night shooting. And needless to say, dirty ammo simply isn’t on for night shooting, because it’ll create extra smoke.

Shooting under stress is a skill in and of itself. But shooting at night increases the stress factor tenfold. Targets seem smaller and further, plus identifying the target is much harder at night, as is moving around safely and quietly. Hence the importance of doing a few night shooting classes.

In our self-defence course, we give you the know-how to shoot under stressful situations. Then it’s up to you to practise this faithfully at the range.

Protect your eyes

Apart from this, look after your eyes! Get regular vision check-ups at your optometrist, keep your prescriptions current and consider getting a prescription for night glasses. Also, protect your eyes from glare-filled TV sets, computer screens, cell phones and other bright lights. And remember, quit the habit of looking at your smartphone or tablet just before you go to sleep. Reason being that these devices emit a blue light, which stimulates your hormones into wakefulness. Even worse, reading the bright screen in the darkness of your bedroom can cause more eyestrain when your eyes actually need the rest.

There are many different components to shooting at night. So don’t let a defensive encounter be your first experience with night shooting.

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