Fittingly, Marksman’s Nest is not only celebrating women on the range, but empowering them to defend themselves in the month of August. More specifically, on 7 August, we invite women to attend a 24-hour Shooting Range Sleepover.

Activities on this day will cover Shooting Development, an exciting night march and a camp fire celebration with many a story to tell.

What others say

Karen Potgieter is one of Marksman’s Nest’s foremost proponents of being equipped for self-defence. She said, “I made a decision long ago that I will not live as a victim in South Africa, nor will my daughters. Therefore, I’ve empowered myself by knowing my firearms intimately, being current in visiting the shooting range and preparing myself mentally and physically to use my weapon.

“Importantly, I’ve attended close-quarter handgun training and have started to teach my young daughters about firearm safety. It’s not a matter of living in fear of what may happen but living in the knowledge that I’m prepared.”

The programme

Marksman’s Nest chief range officer, Geoffrey Coetzee, said the 7 August course celebrating women on the range would consist of: basic firearm training for self-defence, occasional/dedicated sport shooting and hunting. Modules include handle and use of a handgun; shotgun handle and use; handle and use of a manually-operated rifle/carbine; plus handle and use of a self-loading rifle/carbine.

History proves that just because a sparse amount of women shoot guns doesn’t mean that women aren’t a force to be reckoned with when they’re properly trained. Science actually proves that women hold a distinct advantage in long-distance shooting. Firstly, because wider hips and a lower weight distribution provide women with more balance and control.

So, come on ladies, prove your prowess on 7 August. Geoffrey encourages women to book their attendance here.


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