On 1 May, Marksman’s Nest chief ranger Geoffrey Coetzee was greeted by a sight of women, women everywhere on the range. He said, “These ladies believe in the concept that ‘my sport empowers me’. It simply confirms the fact that more women are joining shooting ranges to learn self-defence.

“This occurrence hardly ever happened a few years ago – it was generally a hangout place for men. But all this has changed because Marksman’s Nest supports the culture of women empowerment.”

Empower yourself

His message is, “Women, equip yourself. Be a lioness in waiting. There will come a time that you have to be the strong one because your partner or husband works away from home. Thus you’ll have to step up to the game by learning to defend yourself and your family.

Joining a shooting range might be the best decision you’ve ever made in this lifetime!”  It’s important that you know how to defend yourself and unfortunately you probably might have to use lethal force to do that. The Marksman’s Nest courses allow you to feel sufficiently confident in being able to do that.

Women-friendly arms

Following the trend of more women joining shooting ranges, manufacturers have upped their game. They’re devising different ways for women to conceal a handgun in a handbag compartment that’s separate from all the other clutter. In addition, more and more gun makers are tailoring guns to fit women’s hands, while retaining the power to stop threats.

According to reports, hundreds of women, including mothers, are choosing to legally carry a firearm for their family’s defence. They refuse to be victims and are arming themselves against potential criminals. These are women who no longer fear the unknown – purely because they’ve taken the time to become prepared and informed. They join a shooting range, enroll in training courses and speak with experts, who teach them how to defend themselves.

Learning to shoot gives young women confidence, helps to build self-esteem and introduces them to a sport they can participate in throughout their lives.

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