A loyal member of Marksman’s Nest and a keen shot speaks out, vehemently opposing the draft Firearms Control Amendment Bill.

Dear Mr M Mtwana, No, I do not support the proposed Firearm Control Amendment Bill. This was published as notice No. 437 in the National Gazette 44593 of 21 May 2021. I hereby reject the proposed amendments in its entirety. It violates my right to life and my right to protect it.

Victim of violence

As a female who has been a victim of violence and crime in this country countless times, it goes beyond my comprehension that government erects road signs such as “Hijacking Hotspot”. This  confirms that they know about the criminal elements reigning in this country. However, they aren’t willing to allow citizens  to protect themselves. This makes one think whether signs as mentioned is a warning or a suggestion.

As a female having to drive to or from work at night, it  has become unnecessarily stressful because of the high crime rates in this country. The fact that we fund our own way to buy a firearm, develop the skills to use it and stay within our rights to possess and carry a firearm, shows our commitment to protect ourselves where our government has failed.

High crime rate

South Africa has been ranked number 3 on the list of countries with the highest crime rate according to the Crime Index Statistics. House invasions, brutal killings, rape, murder & hijackings are daily occurrences.

We as citizens of this country have a constitutional right to defend our lives. At our own cost we arm ourselves and put security measures in place to protect our family and our homes.

In addition, firearm collectors and sport shooting enthusiasts form part of our country’s passion. Strict laws already regulate these disciplines.

I reiterate: a big no to the proposed Firearms Control Amendment Bill.

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