“There’s no way that you’ll be able to fend off a surprise attack unless you train to defend yourself,” said veteran firearm instructor Geoffrey Coetzee. “Body alarm and stress factors will be your enemy. That’s why a professional self-defence handgun course will be a life saver. That’s how you can learn how to overcome fear paralysis and snap into action.”

Guns are effective tools for personal protection – in the right (and trained) hands. Throughout history, many a law-abiding citizen has been able to defend themselves and their families during home invasions. With appropriate training and responsible use, owning a gun is an enormous asset in terms of safeguarding your family and property.

Equal playing field

It’s true that owning a gun equalises the playing field – especially during a home invasion. With a gun in your hand, you can take back the power during conflicts with aggressors.

However, thorough training is essential. Once you understand the mechanics of gun usage, controlling your firearm becomes second nature. In addition, you’ll become au fait with all the defined safety protocols.

Don’t be an easy target

Geoffrey added, “Criminals usually prey on easy targets. Thus they hesitate to confront people who are armed and able to protect themselves. Studies  also show that burglars prefer to target homes where they believe no guns are present.”

You can count on the firearm education pros at Marksman’s Nest to instruct you in the principles of defence, the legality of self-defence, foiling surprise attacks, surviving an attack, carry conditions and know-how, overpowering single and multiple attackers and contingency planning.

Book your space today in . This is a must-do course for citizens who refuse to be victims.

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