Yes, gun training is imperative to protect communities. Among the mayhem we witnessed this past week, we saw amazing scenes of solidarity when private citizens stepped in to block entrances to shopping malls and armed themselves to form roadblocks against the vandals and looters. Many of them operated under the overwhelmed SAPS and not as vigilantes. “We cannot just allow people from nowhere to come and loot here,” said Paul Magolego, spokesperson for the Vosloorus taxi association.

The need for gun training

Heaven forbid, but if this situation should become necessary in the future, it’s essential that armed citizens should have adequate gun training.

Good gun training preserves life and family and assists in crime prevention. And by having had the foundation gun training, law-abiding citizens can overcome lawlessness. Thus they have the means to prevent the unlawful destruction of life and property – such as we’ve seen this past week.

A safe society

At Marksman’s Nest gun training is conducted in a friendly and helpful environment. All our instructors promote the values needed for a safe and self-sacrificing society. Said chief ranger Geoffrey Coetzee, “Gun training can help you overcome fear, grow in patience and think of others as you would have them think of you.”

Police and security are the ideal intermediaries, but often they may be overstretched. That’s why there are innumerable benefits to obtaining a licence to own and carry a firearm.

Defensive uses of guns

The defensive use of a firearm outweighs unlawful and violent uses. What’s more, defensive uses of firearms need not result in harm or death. This includes all types of crime: from home invasions to muggings, rape and assault. It merely gives you the option to thwart victimisation and stay safe.

Knowing you can defend yourself and your neighbours is truly empowering. Even more so when you’ve had adequate gun training in using a weapon responsibly. Geoffrey added, “Most of us fear the unknown. That’s why many people aren’t comfortable around guns. But a good way to be more comfortable around guns is to know how they work and how to handle them properly.”

The last thing we need is vigilante justice. But responsible, trained and law-abiding gun owners usually simply want to be able to defend their families and neighbourhoods.

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