Admirable shooting skills were on display from the nine ladies who converged on Marksman’s Nest during the Women’s Day long weekend for a sleep-over ladies’ shooting event. And superlatives were at the order of the day from each and every attendant.

The two-day event was jam-packed with instructive events: daytime shooting, a night march, night shooting, development exercise and low-light morning shooting. Not to mention the fun events: delicious meals from chief chef Geraldine, campfire stories, loads of laughter and very little sleeping!

The planning

Team leader Miena Visser started planning the event in conjunction with chief ranger extraordinaire Geoffrey Coetzee in April. She said, “I’m so proud to have been one of the founding members of this event. Apart from having been an excellent team-building experience, it was highly informative and very focused on self-defence and preparedness. Into the bargain, it was boatloads of fun.

“I look forward to seeing many more platoons in the women’s battalion within the coming months.”


Geraldine Burke enthused, “Learning new skills was quite overwhelming. I never thought I’d be able to shoot with both hands. But with Geoffrey and Hein’s patient instructions, I soon became a pro. And the night march was out of this world!

She especially loved the teamwork and camaraderie during the sleep-over. “With the skills the ladies displayed, it just goes to show: the girls are doing it for themselves in terms of self-defence.”

Weekend fire chief Karen Koen is a newbie in shooting circles. But make no mistake, she now holds her own in terms of self-defence. She had much praise for Geoffrey and Hein. “Their knowledge and instruction methods are phenomenal!

“And I learnt so much from these amazing women who attended the event. Powerful through and through. All of us took the decision to empower ourselves by learning self-defence. This course certainly has taken my confidence to a new level.”

Old-timer (in terms of experience) Jo Poynton commented, “It was a fantastic weekend. I like to empower women the way I’ve been empowered. And my take-out after the weekend was that I managed to fix the grip on my Taurus.”

It’ll be a hard act to surpass this past weekend’s event, but who knows? Watch this space for forthcoming ladies’ events.

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