There is absolutely no ‘should’ about it, but fact is that senior citizens need our support. All the more so if it’s close to home – as is the case with Goue Aar Old Age Home in Malmesbury.

This wonderful facility has been part of the Malmesbury community for 42 years. It originally started with only six residents, but now totals 55, with capacity for 70. Older people deserve to be cared for, remaining safe and well looked after during their twilight years. Therefore, we ask the Malmesbury community to support Goue Aar Old Age Home wherever possible.

Not only is it important to acknowledge our senior citizens, but also to celebrate the contribution they’ve made to society over many, many years.


As people age, they become increasingly lonely. Usually it’s a case of having outlived friends and children leading busy lives with their own children, work and so forth. Phone calls are no substitute for real visits. You can’t make someone a cup of tea over the phone and you can’t have a good heart-to-heart over the phone.

We’ll all age to the point where we need care. There are armies of people who could grab the chance to volunteer by visiting older people. Companionship is vitally important during one’s senior years.

The bakers out there might want to consider baking a cake or two for these precious older people to enjoy with their morning tea or afternoon coffee. Better yet, it would be a wonderful idea to arrange a fund-raising event for much-needed funds.

Make a difference

Older adult social care is not a problem – it’s a human necessity. So please spare a thought for the residents at Goue Aar, because senior citizens need our support.

Contact: Head of Nursing – Sister Aloise Coetzee; Home Manager – Leon Venter; ph 022 4866240.

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