Not only has the gear changed over time, but also the defensive tactics we use. Precisely why it’s imperative to stay in the gun training game. And no better place for this than Marksman’s Nest.

Today we know better ways to reload the pistol, better ways to draw the pistol and better ways to deliver fight-stopping hits to the vital zone. This simply reaffirms the need for gun training schools of the calibre of Marksman’s Nest for the armed citizen. Gun-fighting skills are no longer just in the realm of cops and soldiers; they’re also of value and importance to everyday citizens.

Every year more improvements and innovations in the area of defensive training see the light of day. It isn’t important to simply do things differently. What will be important is to develop those skills that help us do things quicker and more accurately. Thus, the value lies in methods and techniques that will help us defend ourselves better and more successfully with adequate gun training.

Anyone who has a firearm for the purposes of self-defence (shotgun, rifle, whatever) should know that there’s a lot that goes into using it, such as knowing when you legally can and should use it. Doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, female or male. There are three parts to gun safety awareness: How to make the gun go bang; when you can make it go bang; and when you should make it go bang.

Visit Marksman’s Nest for life-saving self-defence gun training.

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