On 6 March Geoffrey and his team concluded yet another successful Close Quarter Defensive Course for Private Citizens. He commented, “What a beautiful course. We combined the Mindset and Awareness module and it went extremely well. Thanks to our astute training team.”

The course outcomes included: mindset and awareness; body alarm; stress factors; muscle memory; theory and practical simulations that will allow a course participant to make sound and legally justifiable decisions in stress-induced circumstances.

“In Level 2 we up the ante with a combination of theory discussions and practical application exercises for private and home defence. You’re taught: the rules of self-defence; personal and home risk assessment; how to make a private citizen arrest; how to think like a criminal; situational awareness; pre-visualisation and practical simulations; as well as muscle memory and stress factors when using your handgun.” With this training your confidence in your ability to respond effectively will grow.

In Level 3 things get up close and personal. We cover multiple attacks; unarmed hand-to-hand combat; and anti-hijacking skills. The fundamentals of being streetwise are covered, as are life-saving decisiveness, ruthlessness and the element of surprising your assailant.

Most importantly, we develop your aggression, meaning you’re taught how to act like you mean it and then of course remaining cool, calm and collected in the most stressful situations. The latter comes with our advanced training to develop muscle memory to the highest degree when using your handgun. Finally, we concentrate on Speed with a capital S: because every second counts.”

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