After a successful course earlier this month, registration has opened for the next Tactical Training Courses on 1 June and 16 August this year. The entry requirement is a BASIC qualification in Handgun, Shotgun & Carbine, as well as a BUSINESS qualification in Handgun, Shotgun & Carbine.


The course objectives include: 1 Draw from the holster; 2 Rapid reload + speed reload/mag change; 3 IA- drill – tack, rack and assess; 4 Clearing a malfunction/high risk situation; 5 JAMS; 6 Failure to go into battery; 7 Reverse grip; 8 CQ shooting techniques; 9 Multiple target shooting; 10 Down and scan; 11 Interview stance; 12 One-handed shooting; 13 Back to target draw and fire; 14 Target left/right; 15 Barricade shooting + Roll-out technique; 16 Dynamic movement; 17 Groucho walk; 18 Barricade shooting; 19 Shooting on the move/box drills; 20 Moving backwards; 21 Moving sideways; 22 Extraction drill; 23 Team work; 24 Barricade crossing- Wall, fencing; 25 Aircraft + sunset photography; 26 Practical shooting assessment: Handgun/shotgun/carbine.

Theory & Practical Aspects

The Theory and Practical aspects covered are: Tactical awareness and preparedness – Body Alarm Reaction; Muscle Memory; Conditioned Reflex; OODA Loop.

Tactical Fundamentals and Considerations covered include: Moving with the Firearm; Body Positions; Grip; Cover & Concealment; Point of Aim.

Tactical Firearm and Ammunition Considerations comprise: Choice of Firearm; Advantages and

Disadvantages of Firearm; Types; Appropriate Ammunition and Considerations; Calibers’ of Semi-Automatic; Firearms and Ammunition; Shotgun Ammunition; Understanding Ballistics; Principles of Penetration.

Tactical Approach and Positioning covers: Bullet trajectory and shooting angles; Vehicle approach and shooting angles; Approach Techniques; Two-Man Covering Formation; High-Risk Approach: Tactical Team; Approaching Stairwells; Shooting Over High Walls and Obstacles.

Tactical Entry & Room Entry Techniques consists of: Stealth Room Entry; Dynamic Room Entry; Stealth Movement in Dark; Unknown Terrain; House Penetration; Hand Signals;

Arrest & Search Techniques include: Arrest Techniques.

Tactical Equipment is the final module.

Be sure to register by phoning or WhatsApp: 082 7172197.

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