With great power comes great responsibility! And that applies particularly to owning a firearm. We at Marksman’s Nest continually stress the fact that firearms are incredibly dangerous if mishandled or misused. In the light of the recent mass shootings in America, we urge every firearm owner to educate him/herself and act responsibly.


Because of spiralling crime in South Africa, access to gun ownership is imperative. Background checks and restrictions on unsafe individuals owning weapons is something most responsible gun owners support.

Know the laws

Just as a driver needs to know the local speed limits and road rules, a gun owner should be well-versed in restrictions and regulations. You’ll need to apply for the necessary licence and permits.

Take training courses and practise

To keep yourself and others safe, it’s important that you undergo thorough training when you become a gun owner. Attend at least a few beginner’s classes and then graduate to more advanced classes.

Secure storage

Apart from knowing how to handle guns, your biggest priority as a gun owner needs to be stopping other people from handling your firearms. It’s usually said that guns should be kept away from children, but it actually should be kept away from any unauthorised person. To prevent accidents and/or theft, store your gun(s) in a secure place under lock and key – child- and theft-proof.

Use a sturdy SAPS-approved safe, a heavy-duty lock, and a mechanism that can’t be picked. And secure the safe to a wall or the floor.

A good scope

Using proper optics suitable to your hunting rifle goes a long way in ensuring there aren’t any stray bullets. This way you’ll be keeping your hunting partners safe.

Safety in your vehicle

Fact is that most gun thefts take place in vehicles. Lock-boxes and vaults are the best options for your SUV or bakkie. Ensure it’s secured to the vehicle, as well as having its own lock.

Cleaning and care

Improperly cleaned or maintained firearms are extremely dangerous. Prevent accidents by learning how to clean and maintain your weapons properly. Bring your rifles to Marksman’s Nest for hands-on tutorials. However, if you’re too far from us, always choose certified instructors.


Ammo is just as dangerous. Stray cartridges are particularly dangerous when live. Ensure that you haven’t dropped any when you go hunting. In addition, always collect spent cartridges. Any plastic casings or shells that you find should come back with you. The lead content in them will poison wildlife. The plastic is also a choking hazard to creatures.


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