Maintaining your bolt-action rifle

Maintaining your bolt-action rifle

It’s definitely recommended to clean and keep your bolt-action rifle working properly. This will ensure that you can shoot accurately when the time comes to use it. As a matter of fact, maintaining your bolt-action rifle always should be done before storing it for a period of time.

Maintenance steps

Once the bolt is removed, inspect it to ensure that it’s in good working order. Oil the bolt and wipe it down well with a cloth and then re-apply oil before putting it back in the receiver.

To clean the barrel, wire-brush it to remove the loose powder and residue. Make sure to run the brush all the way through the barrel into the action. Repeat until nothing comes out of the barrel.

Now you can swap the wire brush for a soft tip. Wet it with a bit of oil until it’s damp. Then run it through the barrel to wet the barrel with the oil so as to collect the loose residue. Now switch to a plastic tip and run cloths through until it comes out clean.

The last step is to ensure that the bolt and action are clean. Oil them both and put the bolt back into the gun and cycle it a couple of times to distribute the oil. Finally, oil the outside of the barrel and all metal parts. Give them a good coat, then wipe lightly with a cloth so that some oil remains on the gun for storage.

That’s how simple maintaining your bolt-action rifle is. Now, you’re all set for storage!

Celebrating women on the range

Celebrating women on the range

Fittingly, Marksman’s Nest is not only celebrating women on the range, but empowering them to defend themselves in the month of August. More specifically, on 7 August, we invite women to attend a 24-hour Shooting Range Sleepover.

Activities on this day will cover Shooting Development, an exciting night march and a camp fire celebration with many a story to tell.

What others say

Karen Potgieter is one of Marksman’s Nest’s foremost proponents of being equipped for self-defence. She said, “I made a decision long ago that I will not live as a victim in South Africa, nor will my daughters. Therefore, I’ve empowered myself by knowing my firearms intimately, being current in visiting the shooting range and preparing myself mentally and physically to use my weapon.

“Importantly, I’ve attended close-quarter handgun training and have started to teach my young daughters about firearm safety. It’s not a matter of living in fear of what may happen but living in the knowledge that I’m prepared.”

The programme

Marksman’s Nest chief range officer, Geoffrey Coetzee, said the 7 August course celebrating women on the range would consist of: basic firearm training for self-defence, occasional/dedicated sport shooting and hunting. Modules include handle and use of a handgun; shotgun handle and use; handle and use of a manually-operated rifle/carbine; plus handle and use of a self-loading rifle/carbine.

History proves that just because a sparse amount of women shoot guns doesn’t mean that women aren’t a force to be reckoned with when they’re properly trained. Science actually proves that women hold a distinct advantage in long-distance shooting. Firstly, because wider hips and a lower weight distribution provide women with more balance and control.

So, come on ladies, prove your prowess on 7 August. Geoffrey encourages women to book their attendance here.


More women joining shooting ranges

More women joining shooting ranges

On 1 May, Marksman’s Nest chief ranger Geoffrey Coetzee was greeted by a sight of women, women everywhere on the range. He said, “These ladies believe in the concept that ‘my sport empowers me’. It simply confirms the fact that more women are joining shooting ranges to learn self-defence.

“This occurrence hardly ever happened a few years ago – it was generally a hangout place for men. But all this has changed because Marksman’s Nest supports the culture of women empowerment.”

Empower yourself

His message is, “Women, equip yourself. Be a lioness in waiting. There will come a time that you have to be the strong one because your partner or husband works away from home. Thus you’ll have to step up to the game by learning to defend yourself and your family.

Joining a shooting range might be the best decision you’ve ever made in this lifetime!”  It’s important that you know how to defend yourself and unfortunately you probably might have to use lethal force to do that. The Marksman’s Nest courses allow you to feel sufficiently confident in being able to do that.

Women-friendly arms

Following the trend of more women joining shooting ranges, manufacturers have upped their game. They’re devising different ways for women to conceal a handgun in a handbag compartment that’s separate from all the other clutter. In addition, more and more gun makers are tailoring guns to fit women’s hands, while retaining the power to stop threats.

According to reports, hundreds of women, including mothers, are choosing to legally carry a firearm for their family’s defence. They refuse to be victims and are arming themselves against potential criminals. These are women who no longer fear the unknown – purely because they’ve taken the time to become prepared and informed. They join a shooting range, enroll in training courses and speak with experts, who teach them how to defend themselves.

Learning to shoot gives young women confidence, helps to build self-esteem and introduces them to a sport they can participate in throughout their lives.

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