The most advanced close-quarter course for private SA citizens

The most advanced close-quarter course for private SA citizens

The most advanced close-quarter course for private SA citizens will take place at Marksman’s Nest shooting range on 12 and 19 February 2022 at 10h00.

According to chief ranger Geoffrey Coetzee, “If you can handle the pressure on this course, you can handle anything in life!”

Level 1 and level 3

For the entry-level Close-quarter level 1 course on 12 February, participants must have a competency certificate. And for the Advanced Close-quarter level 3 course, participants must have completed the close-quarter level 1 course. Also, participants must be prepped by Marksman’s Nest instructors in level 2 close-quarter.

Distance reaction time

Geoffrey explained, “Although accuracy at distance is important to master, for close-quarter self-defence, distance reaction time must be at its shortest. But importantly, technique should be fluid and precise to provide the advantage. This is where our course instruction is imperative.

“A lack of distance means a lack of time to react, reduced choices and often, a big disadvantage when reacting to a threat. The majority of self-defence shooting incidences occur within arm’s length. The reason for this is: assailants want to be close enough to keep their voices as low as possible and close enough to be physically threatening. Which is why it’s so important to be prepared for this eventuality.”

Respond with muscle memory

From infancy, humans react to danger with an unconscious startle response within 50 milliseconds. This is just the way the Sympathetic Nervous System works to protect the body. However, in the Close-Quarter self-defence course, we train our members to forego the startle response and leap into action with a conditioned response. Once mastered, muscle memory takes over. And time is of the essence to give yourself the advantage in this threatening situation.

Geoffrey concluded, “The most important aspect of self-defence is your sheer will to fight and survive. This is followed by your mental capacity to assess threats and formulate strategies on the fly. Our courses teach you all that and more.”

Bookings are essential for the most advanced close-quarter course for private SA citizens. So to book, contact Geoffrey on 082 7172197.


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