Advanced Law Enforcement Officer Tactics course saves lives

Advanced Law Enforcement Officer Tactics course saves lives

There are no two ways about it: the Advanced Law Enforcement Officer Tactics Course saves lives.

Sharp skills for the job

On a daily basis, enforcement officers face death and attacks on their person. Not only that, but these same officers are supposed to safeguard the citizens of this country. “With only entry-level firearm training to their name, there’s no way in the world that these officers have the sharp skills required to do their job,” said Marksman’s Nest chief ranger Geoffrey Coetzee. “I believe there’s a direct link between lack of further training and lack of operational ability.”

With this in mind, Geoffrey, who’s a qualified instructional systems designer, designed an Advanced Law Enforcement Officer Tactics course. This is specifically aimed at saving lives. The good news is that the course will be held throughout the year as part of the Marksman’s Nest standard course offering.

Practice makes perfect

He continued, “If enforcement officers want to stay fit, they need to practise. You have to be at the top of your game as an enforcement officer: knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can use your firearm effectively when you need it most.”

This course is what any law enforcer needs. Police officers, armed guards/response officers, cash-in-transit officers and tactical response officers to tactical support members, emergency/national support teams and close protection officers all will benefit.

Meeting the operational skill requirement

Geoffrey explained, “I’ve designed this course carefully to meet the operational skill requirement for law enforcement officers in stressful operational environments. And it’s undoubtedly one of the best security investments any law enforcement officer can make.”

Applicants should be part of a law enforcement unit and meet the following requirements: qualified in handgun for business purposes; have a valid SAPS competency certificate; diploma in Policing/Law Enforcement/Peace Officer; registered PSIRA-grade; a recent successful Regulation 21 compliance test.

Register today

The course fee includes: lunch, firearms (Glock 19 or CZ) and ammunition. Course outcomes are advanced handgun fundamentals, stressful simulation, 2-man team drills, close-quarter combat, etc.

Because the Advanced Law Enforcement Officer Tactics Course saves lives, don’t delay in registering: or call/WhatsApp- 082 7172197.

The importance of shooting ranges

The importance of shooting ranges

The importance of shooting ranges is far-reaching – not only for gun owners, but for those considering owning a gun or practising sport-shooting. Add to this self-defence development, family outings and gun experiences, and you pretty much get an all-round day of pleasure.

According to Marksman’s Nest chief ranger Geoffrey Coetzee, shooting ranges are a feeding source for gun owners, law enforcers, as well as the safety and security of communities all over the world.

“Five million gun owners in South Africa need to understand that it isn’t good enough to simply own a gun, you have to develop shooting skills and continue practising those skills. Otherwise it would be akin to a runner who owns a good pair of trainers, but never practises running,” he said.

Marksman’s Nest shooting range near Malmesbury definitely ranks right up there with the top ranges in South Africa. First up, its safety standards are high – no negotiation on this front. Secondly, it has top-class instructors with years of experience in both the military and as private instructors. Thirdly, it makes sure everyone has fun while learning, training, developing or teambuilding.

It’s a joy

You have to experience the art of shooting to realise how enjoyable it can be. Whether target shooting, clay pigeon shooting, doing a shooting development course or the serious business of learning handgun self-defence, it’s always exciting.

Also, it’s a family sport that every family member can enjoy together. And with all the high-tech gadgets available today, even the physically disabled would have a grand time learning and practising the sport of shooting. However, if individual sport is more your style, it’s that too. You can practise your marksmanship abilities on your own, lost in your own thoughts, enjoying me-time.

A good all-over work-out

The importance of shooting ranges also extends to the physical. Because if you thought shooting was sedentary, think again. Boy, does it give you a good work-out! You build strength, stamina, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills like very few sports can match. Your arm strength and physical balance alone will soar by leaps and bounds.

Not only that, but you develop mental discipline bar none with sharpened concentration and problem-solving skills to think outside the box.


You certainly can’t overlook the fact that shooting builds courage and confidence. Plus you learn invaluable lessons in responsibility.

Most importantly, whether you visit the range to train, build skills or just to have fun, it’ll be a major stress-busting day. And that’s something we all need – a break from the rat race.

Geoffrey concluded, “There’s no time to put a seatbelt on before the crash; therefore, don’t make shooting ranges a last resort.”

On that note, you’ll agree that the importance of shooting ranges is invaluable. Find a shooting range in your area and join up.

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