Step up with handgun proficiency training this month. Our next course on 23 April in Malmesbury is the Defensive Handgun course for private citizens. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular courses in the Western Cape.

Once you’ve done this proficiency course, you’d be able to apply to SAPS for your competency certificate. At this stage, you’d be able to tackle our Close Quarter Self-defence courses, provided you’ve done the proficiency course with us.

Close-quarter self-defence courses

The crux is that nothing simply lands in your lap. Owning a firearm doesn’t mean you know how to use it. That’s where Marksman’s Nest enters the game.

Just like an athlete will be a dud in competitions if he/she doesn’t train, so will a handgun owner without proficiency training. After all, this could be a matter of life and death.

Guided by our advanced firearm instructors, anyone can conquer our self-defence courses.

Said chief ranger Geoffrey Coetzee, “The self-defence courses are unique to Marksman’s Nest in respect of their layout, style, approach and achieving outcomes. The first course comprises three levels to develop your self-defence mindset intensively. Striking a very good balance between psychological and physical ability, our instructors develop the individual in the context of the group, yet catering for student-specific needs.”

Carefully designed drills

All the drills in our training is carefully thought through, allowing you to step out of your comfort zone. In addition, the course addresses the emotional ability and psychological mindset, after which it’s integrated with practical ability.

Geoffrey confirmed, “We’ve taken many gun owners from zero to hero in this course. Through all levels of our training we empower our clients, build explosive confidence and exceed any expectations that clients have when entering our courses.

“We’re proud of all the people we’ve trained. That’s how we make a difference. To raise your sword, keep it sharp, keep practising, stay focused. It’s a matter of mindset, mindset, mindset. So, step up with handgun proficiency training to set you on the road for a life-changing self-defence course.”

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