A little known fact is that you get health benefits at a shooting range. Just think about it: it’s cardiovascular, increases muscle strength, ups stamina, exercises your eyes, improves brain health and lightens your mood.

Cardiovascular work-out

Moving from target to target and walking about the range get the blood pumping and your heart will thank you for this cardiovascular work-out. Holding and firing a weapon also is exciting. That means your adrenaline spikes. Increased adrenaline levels signal your liver to break down glycogen. The latter provides your muscles with glucose, the primary source of body fuel.

Building strength

To aim and shoot your target require steady arms and hands. So this builds arm strength. In addition, remaining still in your shooting stance while aiming your gun exercises your core muscles. Strengthening the abdominal muscles allows the weight of the upper body to be evenly distributed over the front and back, improving balance.

Improving eye sight

Although target shooting can’t fix eye deficiencies, it does exercise your eye capabilities. What’s more, you’ll be giving your eyes a break from staring at computer, TV and phone screens, thus relieving constant eye stress.

Brain health

By keeping your eyes on the target, you need focus. That means you’ll find yourself in the present moment. And health experts the world over are forever stressing the importance of present-moment living.

Then there’s the matter of setting goals and achieving it. As you start checking these goals off of your bucket list at the shooting range, your confidence will surge. This is the perfect antidote to fighting off depression and feelings of inadequacy.

Add to this the fact that shooting sports and self-defence training are entirely mentally-orientated. As a result, you’ll sharpen and expand your concentration levels. Also, there are many problem-solving activities involved in shooting. This further sharpens your brain to think outside the box.

Taking responsibility

Because shooting requires responsibility, you’ll learn a lot in terms of both safety and skill development. That means that shooting sport cultivates personal responsibility, courage and confidence.

So yes, you get health benefits at a shooting range. If you want to start receiving these benefits, sign up today.

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