With Women’s Day and month upon us, we’d like to outline why women should learn to shoot.

The number of gun-owning women has been rising dramatically over the past decade and they all have one thing in common: empowerment! Many of these women cite personal protection for themselves and their families as the number one reason for learning to shoot. And the second reason is the sense of confidence it provides. A lesser, although not unimportant, reason is the great camaraderie on the shooting range.

Don’t be an easy target

Marksman’s Nest has trained many women to shoot, defend themselves in close quarters and conceal carry.

It’s a matter of watching the news to see how many women in South Africa are targets for attacks, robberies and murder daily. So, let’s not pussyfoot around. Owning a gun and being proficient in using it when the need arises is simply beyond liberating. It can save your life and the lives of your family.

Women who’ve decided enough is enough are choosing to take classes, gain confidence, and feel more empowered and ready to protect themselves and their families. It’s not only a matter of knowing the how-to’s of guns, you need to feel confident about loading, unloading, drawing from a holster safely and maintaining situational awareness. Only hands-on practice under the guidance of a qualified instructor can give you this ability.

The mental preparedness through self-defence scenarios is equally important. Plus you need to know and understand the laws applicable to using a firearm for personal protection.


Apart from the serious side, shooting with others is a bunch of fun. Even better is when you start challenging one another to practise and improve. So much better than sitting and watching soapies for sure.

Enroll today

Now you know why women should learn to shoot. So, whether you’re 18 to 80, now is the time to enroll for firearm training. The atmosphere is supportive and a true sisterhood prevails.

Legendary sharpshooter Annie Oakley had an unshakable belief in women’s ability to defend themselves. Do her proud and enrol at Marksman’s Nest today.

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