It’s a no-brainer that mental discipline is key to self-defence. Even if you’re known to be mentally strong, the sort of mental discipline required for self-defence comes from training, and training alone.

With good training, such as the self-defence courses offered by Marksman’s Nest, you’ll find that the art of defending yourself becomes 95% mental and only about 5% physical. No one should ever carry a handgun for self-defence without the best training they can get.

Knowledge & mindset

“Mental preparedness starts with knowing how to use your handgun for protective purposes. Secondly knowing under which circumstances it’s legal to use a deadly weapon, followed closely by gun safety practices as a responsible gun owner. On that note, there’s no such thing as an accidental gun discharge – only negligent ones,” said chief ranger Geoffrey Coetzee.

The right mindset is the mainstay of self-defence training and being a responsible gun owner. Therefore, good judgment is paramount in any confrontation situation.

Discipline & confidence

On your self-defence training journey, your mantra will be discipline and confidence. Discipline will help you keep your cool and composure in the most stressful situations. And confidence will give you the self-belief that you can deal with any scenario life throws at you.

The great news is that these mental attributes strengthen along with your muscle memory during self-defence training. “The longer and harder you train, the more effective you’ll become physically and mentally, Geoffrey said.

Finally, with sufficient training, you’ll notch up Experience with a capital E. Unfortunately, none of us know what the future holds. But when you have the experience gained by dedicated self-defence training, it certainly will stand you in good stead.

So train hard and remember that mental discipline is key to self-defence. Good luck with your self-defence training journey.

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