All of us at Marksman’s would like to say: welcome to our latest female firearm instructor – Miena Visser.

Earning her stripes as firearm instructor with aplomb on 18 August, this has been a two-year journey in which Miena completed all the skills builder courses at Marksman’s Nest. In addition, she passed all three levels of self-defence training, the anti-hijacking course, firearms for business purposes, as well as the range officer course.

A passion for teaching

“I’ve been helping out as range officer at both the Malmesbury and Velddrif shooting ranges and I must say, it’s right up my alley. Especially interesting was that I noticed many of the female range visitors experienced the same problems that I did initially. They owned a gun, or wanted to buy a gun, but felt intimidated using it. Also, they didn’t have a clue about gun maintenance, assembly and disassembly.”

Miena, who holds a BSc in mathematics, explained that she’d been interested in teaching all her life. “When I was about to embark on a teacher’s diploma course, my husband was transferred to Italy. So, bye-bye teaching.

“However, as a firearm instructor at Marksman’s Nest, I can now realise my teaching dream. What’s more, I can indulge my passion for shooting and self-defence.”

The gun training imperative

Like many other firearm owners, Miena thought that it was a matter of point-and-shoot after she bought her gun and passed the competency test. That was about 15 years ago.

She soon realised that gun training, and more specifically self-defence training, was essential. After shooting at a Hopefield range for a number of years, she finally decided to enrol at Marksman’s Nest in 2020. “That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Training with Geoffrey Coetzee and his team gave me the empowerment I craved.”

And right now, Miena is ready to take on the world, making a difference in the lives of those who want this same empowerment. “Having empowerment means being confident with your firearm, as well as in all compromised situations. And this is what the skills builder and self-defence courses at Marksman’s Nest are all about,” she said.

“You’ll learn how and when to use your handgun, plus how to be alert and aware at all times. Then there are the training modules focusing on handgun maintenance, improving your grip, stance and aim.”

Chief range officer Geoffrey Coetzee was effusive in his praise for Miena. “She was committed. She persevered. And she succeeded. So, once again, ‘welcome to our latest female firearm instructor’. And may she be followed by many more female firearm instructors that we hope to see on the range.”

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