Visit a shooting range this summer

Visit a shooting range this summer

Visit a shooting range this summer for a whole lotta fun. Skip the throngs in malls and the crowds on beaches for an entertaining day out.

Apart from a range being the best and safest way to practice shooting skills, you’ll find that it offers the opportunity to bond with family and/or friends.

In this safe, controlled environment, free from external interference, you can target shoot, do clay pigeon shooting, or learn the ropes of self-defence.

Target shooting

Look no further than target shooting for an exciting day out. Apart from standing you in good stead for self-defence, it’s not too demanding physically and it’s a good outlet to blow off steam.

Other beneficial spin-offs are: it improves concentration and it develops a sense of discipline. Turns out one thing leads to another. Which is why the intense concentration required for target shooting also exercises your mind.

Clay pigeon shooting

Newcomers to the amazing world of clay pigeon shooting are bound to be bowled over by this sport. It’s without a doubt one of the most-loved target-shooting hobbies in the world.

Not only will you be able to improve your accuracy, but you can also show off your marksmanship skills without actually hunting live birds.

Oh, and clay pigeon shooting is also a good team-building option.

Some pointers for newbies are: Use your dominant eye; learn and maintain an excellent shooting stance (our instructors will help you); aim ahead of your target; swing the barrel of your shotgun around in an arc to follow the target after it’s launched; and follow-through with your arc the same way a professional golfer would follow through with their swing.

Who knows? You might soon become an ace in clay pigeon shooting!

See you soon

So instead of joining the hordes on beaches, visit a shooting range this summer. Marksman’s Nest looks forward to welcoming you and your guests.


Making the most of practising at the range

Making the most of practising at the range

Making the most of practising at the range is all about repetition. As we’ve always stressed, developing good shooting skills a matter of practice, practice, practice. This is how your shooting skills will become faster, smoother, more reflexive and efficient.

Reach out for training

If you feel that you’re not experiencing much traction during your practice sessions at the range, talk to our top-notch firearm instructors. After all, you don’t want to reinforce bad habits and burn ammunition unnecessarily.

By investing in training classes, you’ll soon find that it forms the backbone of your shooting skills. And better yet, an investment in training doesn’t depreciate. With instructive training, you’ll soon learn what your weak spots are and sharpen your strengths.

Good training also inculcates positive gun-handling skills, encourages speed and learning to shoot as you move.

Firearm competitions are important too

At competitions you’ll meet many like-minded people. It’s also a great forum to engage with seasoned top shooters, who no doubt would be able to give you invaluable pointers.

But more importantly, shooting challenges offer excellent educational and training experiences.

Long-range shooting

When ‘going long’, be aware that it requires endless hours on the range and a very focused mind.

Apart from training your eye, there are many factors to consider with long-range shooting. First and foremost, when shooting at distances of up to 1 000 m, you have to compensate for bullet drop – the rate at which a bullet’s trajectory changes over distance. Knowing what drop to expect requires intricate knowledge of your rifle, the ammunition, and the scope or sights you’re using.

Shooting accurately at long distances also requires expert fundamentals, which our instructors are well-equipped to provide. Don’t be fooled into thinking that long-distance shooting is as easy as it looks in movies! It actually requires putting in a lot of time before firing the weapon.

So, if you want to keep improving your long-range skills, it’ll be important to record data on each session at the range. Data will include wind conditions, type of ammo used and your shooting position. Ultimately, you’ll be able to cross-reference your top long-range shooting results.

But bear in mind: by making the most of practising at the range, frequent visits are key improving accuracy. And we’re there to help you every step of the way.

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