Watch out for these crime trends

Watch out for these crime trends

Watch out for these crime trends and be prepared. By prepared we mean the need to equip yourself with self-defence gun training.

According to an article in Businesstech, security group Fidelity ADT has warned South Africans to be cautious when having food or groceries delivered to their homes. “There has been a rising trend of residents and delivery drivers being held up outside their homes when collecting deliveries.

The method

“As a resident goes outside to collect their order, the criminals exit their vehicle, take away the keys from the delivery driver and steal their cellphone.” But residents are also potentially at risk if they don’t take the necessary precautions.

Marksman’s Nest chief ranger Geoffrey Coetzee advised that in above instance, the basics of self-defence training come into play. “Number one is situational awareness when collecting food or other deliveries at the front gate. Number two is being able to respond appropriately should guns be involved in the attack.”

Other precautions are pure common sense. Sign for your goods through the gate and be sure there’s no one around before opening your gate to collect your goods.

New hijacking method

Businesstech noted that the fast food sector had become a specific target for criminals and hijackers. Fast food chains themselves have become hunting grounds for hijackers. Fidelity ADT highlighted a concerning trend where criminals target unsuspecting patrons at drive-thru establishments.

It’s an adaptation of the blocking method. “As you get to the front of the queue, armed suspects from the vehicle in front of you get out and attempt to hijack your vehicle, while another car blocks the rear.”

Geoffrey said, “Again, this is a case in point of how the necessary anti-hijacking skills can help save the day. With our scenario training, we cover all bases to equip our trainees to handle almost any hijacking situation.

“At the end of the day, we simply can’t stress enough that being prepared and equipped with the necessary self-defence skills is a life insurance policy bar none.”

To survive, learn to fight

To survive, learn to fight

To survive, learn to fight. This is the advice of Geoffrey Coetzee, chief ranger at Marksman’s Nest. “Having completed basic handgun training doesn’t mean that you know how to fight. And when I say ‘fight’, I mean fighting to defend yourself and ultimately survive,” he said.

“Basic firearm training teaches you how to handle and shoot a handgun, but it doesn’t teach you how to fight. Gun owners definitely should consider developmental handgun training that teaches you how to fight with it.”

A self-defence mindset

Geoffrey defined having a self-defence mindset as having been taught to be prepared. This preparedness gives you the peace of mind knowing that you can take care of yourself mentally and physically in confrontational situations. “Only rigorous self-defence training, as presented in our CQ 1, 2 and 3 courses, gives you this capability.”

Marksman’s Nest trainees corroborate the fact that the self-defence courses have boosted their preparedness and mindsets enormously. “Being able to protect yourself in any situation not only improves your confidence but also provides reassurance. And this reassurance can be only gained if you train your body for self-defence,” said one Marksman’s Nest client.

Geoffrey reiterated that self-defence courses not only helped in conditioning you, but also help you in gaining situational awareness. “An attack can take place at any given time and you definitely won’t have the opportunity to plan. By having top-notch situational awareness, you have a major advantage. Plus, the self-defence training would have slapped your mechanical and cognitive speed into gear.”

Be a warrior

Both developmental handgun training and self-defence training also instill the spirit of a warrior spirit in you. “With our guidance, you’ll be able to develop lightning-fast fighter reflexes. Thus you’ll be able to respond to any threatening situation in a calculated manner – quickly and smartly.” Why? Because you’ll be prepared.

Not knowing how to fight back can be disastrous. But the Marksman’s Nest self-defence courses have you covered, because to survive, learn to fight.

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