We celebrate mothers!

We celebrate mothers!

We celebrate mothers at Marksman’s Nest in Malmesbury. So what better way for you to show your mom you care by taking her for a shooting experience at our range.

We offer a multitude of activities, such as: clay pigeon shooting; 3- or 4-gun events; basic firearm training and self-defence courses.

But above all, more and more women (many of them mothers) are choosing to carry a handgun.


Women living as single mothers choose to take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their children. And by carrying a firearm, they feel safer (provided they’ve had proper training). Remember, by carrying a gun, a mother will have the security that it’s there when needed.

Education is number one

Many of our classes are tailored to women and their specific concerns about firearm safety and proficiency. We even have a female firearm instructor, Miena Visser, who delights in instructing women. To feel safe and comfortable with the responsibility of carrying a gun, many women opt for classes.

Target shooting for sport

More and more women opt to target shoot for sport. This is a good way for moms to get more accurate with their weapons. It’s also a bunch of fun.

Advice on weapons

There are many options of suitable handguns for women. And we’re there to help. We will advise on different grips and calibres for an educated choice.

The gift of independence

By taking your mother to the range, you’ll be giving her the gift of independence. And it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Yes, we celebrate mothers. Therefore, we’ll make sure that your mom will have the time of her life at the range.

What makes a range good?

What makes a range good?

You may well ask, what makes a range good? A good range should have overlapping qualities such as impeccable safety standards, first-class instructors, space to move, regular matches, good maintenance and favourable hours. And Marksman’s Nest in Malmesbury ticks all the boxes.

High safety standards

First up, when you arrive at a range, there should be good signage about what you can and can’t do. Also, a range officer should be there to greet you and show you the lay of the land. In addition, there should be rules about the movement of firearms to and from the firing line. These rules are there to protect all shooters. ‘Safety first’ is Marksman’s Nest motto and our team of devoted range officers monitor the premises continuously to guarantee visitor safety.

Top-notch instructors

Take note that instructors should be registered as advanced and tactical firearms instructors, assessors, and/or moderators with the security sector and the South African Professional Firearms Training Council (SAPFTC). At Marksman’s Nest we comply with that and collectively our trainers have more than 200 years of military, para-military and private security operational and/or strategic experience.

Freedom to move

To develop good shooting skills, ranges that allow for space to move and shoot are tops. At Marksman’s Nest our range covers an extensive area so as to offer shooters opportunity to build skills in various disciplines that require multiple shooting positions. Also great for stretching out a rifle or breaking some clays.

Good maintenance

If a range is well-maintained, it makes all the difference to enjoy your day there.


These events promote good marksmanship and above all, camaraderie. Plus, matches are fun!

Favourable hours

We all have pretty full schedules, so it’s gratifying to find a shooting range that’s open 7 days a week. Marksman’s Nest offers just that, with business hours of Monday – Friday 08h00 – 16h00, as well as Saturday and Sunday 09h00 – 14h00.

That pretty much sums up the case for what makes a range good!

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