Only survival matters in an active shooter situation

Only survival matters in an active shooter situation

Remember, only survival matters in an active shooter situation.

Let’s hope that none of us ever find ourselves in this nightmare scenario. You might be at a mall, a concert or enjoying a day in the park. And all of a sudden, there are gunshots reverberating.

“Running or hiding are by far the best options,” said Marksman’s Nest chief ranger Geoffrey Coetzee. “This is as important as the ‘stop, drop and roll’ instructions in the event of a fire.


“In a situation where seconds matter, freezing is by far the worst thing you can do. Your first thought should be to find an exit strategy. Make use of any viable exit nearby – and pronto.”

Geoffrey said that once again, this is where a firearm self-defence course is invaluable. “One of the prime things we teach our learners is situational awareness. So, if someone has this self-defence training, it’ll be ingrained in their mindset to always scout out their surroundings.”

Whether you’re in a movie theatre, school building, park or mall, familiarise yourself with the surroundings. Look out for all the exits, including emergency exits. If you have a feeling that something is awry, trust your instincts. And if something or someone looks suspicious, report what you see and leave immediately.

When trying to escape a mall for instance, don’t faff around trying to retain your shopping, Geoffrey advised. “Turf it. However, if you can, assist people who need help escaping to the nearest exit. But don’t move anyone who’s already wounded. Importantly, when running, keep your hands visible so that law enforcement officers don’t confuse you with an active shooter. Always follow direction from police.”

“If the police aren’t already on the scene, call the nearest SAPS once you’re safe and out of harm’s way.”


If you can’t run, the next best option is hiding. Look out for safe spots that are out of view and provide protection from bullets. If you’re in an enclosed space, turn off the lights, close and lock the door, and block the door with heavy furniture.

Because it’s a dead give-away, silence your phone and stay calm.


Only survival matters in an active shooter situation. For this reason, you simply can’t go wrong by signing up for self-defence training to learn the necessary skills.

Give Dad the gift that keeps on giving

Give Dad the gift that keeps on giving

Be original this Father’s Day and give Dad the gift that keeps on giving: a voucher for a shooting experience at Marksman’s Nest.

Once your dad has had a taste of the range’s fun, he may well be hooked for life. Plus you can join him in this activity to spend some quality time together.

You can treat him to several experiences. These are: clay pigeon shooting, 3- or 4-gun shooting, basic handgun, basic shotgun, bolt-action or hunting rifle and semi-automatic rifle.


The Marksman’s Nest shooting ranges in Malmesbury and Velddrif are super-safe environments, adhering to strict safety protocols. And both ranges have accreditation. What’s more, the range officers, guided by chief ranger Geoffrey Coetzee, have notched up more than 200 years of military, para-military and private security operational and/or strategic experience.

From a social perspective, it’s a chance to meet a range of very interesting people, building bonds which will last a lifetime.

And be assured that your dad will get a good work-out too. Target shooting is a physically demanding skill. When standing and aiming, one engages stabiliser muscles. This applies in particular to the lower back and abdominal muscles. Shooting also promotes deep breathing. This in turn promotes pin-sharp concentration.

Buy a voucher now

So do give Dad the gift that keeps on giving. Contact Geoffrey Coetzee for a gift voucher on 082 7172197.

Better marksmanship for long-range shooting

Better marksmanship for long-range shooting

Having better marksmanship for long-range shooting will give you the thrill of hearing the zing of steel as you hit that target. But to take your shooting skills to this next level will take time and training. However, it’s just so worth it.

Geoffrey Coetzee, chief ranger at Marksman’s Nest shooting range in Malmesbury, and himself a marksman ace, said one reason many shooters were moving up to longer ranges was the challenge. “When you start going for long-range shooting, skill, technique and some basic math come into play. That means it’s harder and more time-consuming to shoot this way. But in the end, you’ll increase your marksmanship ten-fold.

The fundamentals

“Understanding and practising shooting fundamentals is imperative. This entails good aim, breath control, trigger control and follow through. So by mastering these four fundamentals, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a good marksman. And here at Marksman’s Nest, we’ll guide you all the way.

“Above all, always stay calm and focused when training for long-range shooting.”

The right tools

Choosing and setting up the right tools for long-range shooting is very important. “Our instructors will help you in your choice for high-quality, consistently accurate ammunition in the right calibre,” Geoffrey said.

“Then it’s a matter of finding a steady and comfortable shooting position. This will assist in controlling your rifle better and staying on target. Also, the right optic is critical in helping you see your target clearly, making the necessary small adjustments for a successful shot.

Environmental factors

“Our rangers will show you how to make the wind work for you as this is often the most challenging factor in long-range shooting. It’s a matter of determining wind speed, direction and making allowance for wind drift. Before you know it, you’ll be adept in making the necessary adjustments to your aiming point to compensate for the effects of wind on the bullet’s trajectory.”

When it’s raining, take into account that raindrops might cause the bullet to deviate from its course. And the rain’s velocity should be considered too. Also factor in the fact that wet conditions dampen gunpowder, which will lead to misfires and reduced muzzle velocity.

Training and experience are the most critical factors in better marksmanship for long-range shooting, Geoffrey emphasised. “Believe me, our name is Marksman’s Nest for a reason: nurturing and guiding shooters to become good marksmen.”

“Finally, accuracy and consistency define a good marksman. And our mission is to guide you in achieving those goals..”

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