Business Firearm Training

“An unarmed man can only flee from evil; and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it.” ― Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper

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Business Firearm Training

(Security officers, armed response, cash-in-transit, game rangers)

• Handle and use of a handgun for business purposes
• Handle and use of a shotgun for business purposes
• Handle and use of a manually-operated rifle/carbine for business purposes
• Handle and use of a self-loading rifle/carbine for business purposes
2 – 4-day courses: contact us for price, provided you’ve completed a basic firearms course in the respective categories. Includes theory + practical + portfolio building + certification


• Range Officer Course
(2-3 training sessions required)

• Tactical Firearms
A minimum of 5 – 10 days as part of a small tactical team
(Course outcomes: Tactical knowledge, handgun, shotgun, rifle)

• Regulation 21
Compliance assessment for security officers


Improve your firearm knowledge

Shooting technique improvement

Close quarter & defensive handgun training

Basic/Intermediate/Advanced level

Tactical team training

Contact, fire-and-move, check-and-withdraw


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