SELF-DefenCe Handgun Training

“Self-defence is Nature’s eldest law.” – John Dryden

The crux is: do you have what it takes to carry a handgun for self-defence and crucially, to defend yourself and your family in close quarters?

Carrying or owning a handgun is a huge responsibility. And as per Sect. 13 of the Firearms Control Act, this responsibility entails being equipped with a high level of close-quarter and defensive handgun training to be a safe citizen. Especially with sky-high crime in South Africa, these courses are not luxuries. They’re absolute necessities.

Being au fait at self-defence, safety and personal situational awareness is the most important attribute for a self-defence mindset. Our courses will teach you the laws governing handgun ownership in South Africa, where you’re legally authorised to carry a firearm and when the discharge of deadly force is legally justified. In addition, our professional rangers teach you the necessary skills and mindset to be effective in a real-world emergency scenario.

firearm training cape town

Level 1

If you’ve recently acquired a handgun or you’re considering buying a handgun, this is where you’ll start. You can either bring your own handgun or rent one from Marksman’s Nest.

The course outcomes include: mindset and awareness; body alarm; stress factors; muscle memory; theory and practical simulations that will allow a course participant to make sound and legally justifiable decisions in stress-induced circumstances.

Level 2

In this course we up the ante with a combination of theory discussions and practical application exercises for private and home defence. You’re taught: the rules of self-defence; personal and home risk assessment; how to make a private citizen arrest; how to think like a criminal; situational awareness; pre-visualisation and practical simulations; as well as muscle memory and stress factors when using your handgun.

There are many things to think about when you carry a firearm. Where are the exits? How not to have your back to the door? And being aware of your surroundings at all times. The scenarios at Marksman’s Nest take into account working in and around your vehicle, home protection settings, even circumstances based on your work environment.

Two things will happen with this training. Firstly, your confidence in your ability to respond effectively will grow. Secondly, you’ll want to graduate to Level 3 after this training. And that will make you even more effective.

Level 3

Things get up close and personal in this module. We cover multiple attacks; unarmed hand-to-hand combat; and anti-hijacking skills. The fundamentals of being streetwise are covered, as are life-saving decisiveness, ruthlessness and the element of surprising your assailant.

Most importantly, we develop your aggression, meaning you’re taught how to act like you mean it and then of course remaining cool, calm and collected in the most stressful situations. The latter comes with our advanced training to develop muscle memory to the highest degree when using your handgun. Finally, we concentrate on Speed with a capital S: because every second counts.

The take-out

These courses in self-defence handgun training are your insurance policies to get out of possibly lethal situations alive. Not to mention defending your nearest and dearest.

With a collective total of more than 100 years’ military experience between Geoffrey Coetzee and his team, you’re assured of world-class training in these courses tailor-made for the private citizen. What’s more, Geoffrey ardently believes in providing an all-inclusive package to equip trainees physically, emotionally and psychologically to the nth degree.

firearm training cape town

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