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Firearm training 

“Great danger lies in the notion that we can reason with evil.” ― Doug Patton

Armed, trained and motivated civilians can and do save the day. As such, our firearm training facility offers PFTC-accredited courses catering for private individuals, teams, hunters and dedicated/occasional sport marksmen. Courses and packages include safety glasses, ear protection, range fees, briefing, instruction, firearms, ammunition and targets.

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Basic firearm training

(SAPS competency, self-defence, occasional/dedicated sport shooting, hunting)

• Handle and use of a handgun
• Handle and use of a shotgun
• Handle and use of a manually-operated rifle/carbine
• Handle and use of a self-loading rifle/carbine

2 – 3-day course, including theory + practical + portfolio building + certification

Ask us about any of the following developmental courses:

Shooting skills development & refresher firearms training

You own a firearm and just want us to sharpen your skills

Concealed carry (EDC) developmental training

2-3 hour training session

Defensive handgun training

(Know-how training)
Basic/Intermediate/Advanced level

Long Range & Precision Rifle Shooting

Developing long range and precision rifle shooting skills. Courses range between 3 and 10 days. The advanced courses include load-development training and understanding rifle data.

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