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“It’s a fun thing to do: Go to a shooting range with a buddy, knock off a few rounds, release stress.” – Laurie Holden

To all members, non-members, day visitors and event participants: welcome to our shooting range. Although many people think a shooting range is purely for the military, police and security industry, this certainly isn’t the case. Over the years, shooting ranges have evolved to cater equally for the public and law enforcement entities. As such a shooting range can be a load of fun for a day trip or a special celebration. Think clay pigeon shooting, basic firearm introductions, skills development, birthday celebrations, corporate events and teambuilding.

At Marksman’s Nest, we aim to make your day outing to our shooting range very rewarding. Whether you’re coming because you want to know how to use a weapon for protection, just want to try your hand at shooting, or you intend to go hunting to sport shooting sometime in the future, we cater for all these scenarios. So, whatever the reason, our shooting range offers people the opportunity to handle and shoot firearms in a controlled environment under supervision. And at our outdoor range, shooters are offered greater distances for target practice, as well as opportunities to shoot moving targets, such as clay pigeons.

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Clay pigeon shooting

Clay pigeon shooting, also known as clay target shooting, is a shooting sport whereby a firearm is shot at flying clay targets known as clay pigeons. Popular throughout the world, it allows you to improve accuracy and display your marksmanship skills. It’s also perfect for small groups.

So, here you’ll learn about safety, equipment, shotguns and how to hit a few clays along the way. And now, all that’s necessary is for you to book your clay pigeon shooting session by sending a WhatsApp to 082 7172197. Clay pigeon shooting is perfect for one person or a group. Contact us to book your session.



To the new shooter, range rules and procedures can sometimes appear to be intimidating. But rest assured, these rules are there to protect you. First up, we have Range Safety Officers who keep an eye on things so you can focus on shooting rather than monitoring the overall status of the shooting line. An RSO will provide safety briefings to visitors entering the range and watch for unsafe behaviour.

Eye and Hearing Protection are essential because the noise and pressure generated by a gunshot can exceed 160 decibels – this will cause permanent damage to your hearing. As for safety glasses, bullet fragments can travel a long way. An errant shot may send fragments straight back toward the shooting line at great distances. Even if you’re just watching.

firearm training cape town
firearm training cape town
firearm training cape town

Other services for private citizens and groups


  • Firearm coaching and refresher training – Book a training session with the Range Master
  • Close quarter and defensive handgun know-how training
  • Learn how to use your firearm under extremely stressful situations
  • Advanced handgun proficiency
  • Split-second decision-making
  • Anti-attack training
  • Anti-hijack skills training

Open Monday – Saturday 09:00 – 17:00; Open Sundays only for groups


  • 0-90 minutes @ R100 pp
  • 90-270 minutes @ R200 pp
  • Full day fee for more than 3 hours @ R300 pp
  • A group, max 8 people, can rent the entire range (with their own guns) for a full day @ R2 000
  • Become an annual and standard member- Ask us how
  • Become a noble member- Ask us how


This is typically training for achieving a proficiency certificate whereby you can apply to the SAPS for a competency certificate. This training is unit standard based and fully accredited by the SAPS and Professional Firearm Training Council (PFTC). A competency certificate allows you to buy and license a firearm in the different licencing categories.


  • Handgun – for self-defence, occasional or dedicated sport-shooting
  • Shotgun – for self-defence, occasional or dedicated sport-shooting
  • Hunting rifle – for occasional or dedicated sport-shooting purposes
  • Semi-Automatic rifle/carbine – for dedicated sport-shooting only
firearm training cape town

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